Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc.

Plot facing North is good for those in power, administration and those who work for government.

Plot facing South is good for business class and for those who work in business organization.

Plot facing West is for those who provide supporting services to the society.

Keep a mirror to reflect your cash box or locker.

It, symbolically, doubles your wealth and opportunities.

Keep a bird-bath/bird-house or feeder in the yard to attract wild life, as it augments the amount of energy around your home. Bird-baths and bird-feeders can be of great help in cleaning up your finances and drawing prosperity from all directions.

The closet in which jewelry, valuables and important papers are kept should be positioned very carefully. The ideal location is at the West-side wall, facing the East, or a South-West corner facing the East or the North. Locating the closet at the South wall facing the North also brings good fortune. It should be preferably open to the North, which is the direction of ‘Kuber’, the God of wealth.

Purple is the color which represents wealth. Keeping a purple-colored plant in the South-East corner would be beneficial. Else, a ‘money plant’ or ‘Jade plant’ could be grown in a purple colored pot and placed in the South-East corner of the office or drawing room of the house