Entrance of North and Eastern side is preferable.

Jewelry, Ladies shopping, Women Wear shops South-East corner door is preferable. South-West corner door is not acceptable.

For all shops cash counter should be opened on North side.

For all shops cash counter should be opened on North side.

Eastern side entrance is preferred for paper, bookshops, cloth, departmental stores.

Western side entrance are preferred for agriculture products, seeds, fertilizers, pipes.

If there are roads in the East and North and if the entrance of the shop is in the North or East a lot of prosperity can be achieved.

The shops with entrances in the South-East or North-West will give good business for 10 to 20 years. Then the business slowly decreases. (This is the observation only of 70% of such shops while 30% shops are exceptions).

The racks of showcases should be in the South and West of the shop.

The counters should be in the South, South-East, South-West, West or North-West. However, it should never be in the North or North-East.

Maximum furniture should be made of wood.

While sitting, the customer should face the West or South and the owner or salesperson should face the East or North.

Drinking water should be in the North-East.

The electric meter and the main switchboard should be in the South-East.

The owner, the Salesman, or the accountant’s seat should not be under a beam.

The cash counter in the Shop should be along the south wall and should open towards the North or it should be along the West wall and should open towards the East.

The goods to be sold immediately should be kept along the North in the North-West corner.

The counters in a shop should be at right angles (900) and should not be rounded off.

Stationery and Study books will be sold easily along the East in the Bookshop.

Shops facing the North road will transact good business