Benefits of Vastu Homes: The Ancient Indian Vedic Texts mention that living in Vastu Homes lead to the following Positive Effects:

Good Health, Wealth and Happiness for Everyone

Increased Good Fortune, Good Reputation

Prosperity and Abundance

No Problems in Private and Professional Life

Stablility, Peace of Mind and Well Being

Support of Nature in All areas of Life and Daily Living

Increased Creativity and Success.

Fulfillment of All Desires

Harmonious Relations and Great Comfort

Victory over Adversaries

Coherent Thinking and Decision Making

Longevity and Fulfillment

In addition to the above benefits, people who live and work according to Vastu find that they:

Think more Clearly and Creatively

Make Better Decisions

Feel Happier and Healthier

Feel more Alert and Refreshed throughout the Day

Enjoy More Restful and Refreshing Sleep

Enjoy More Energy and Less Fatigue

Experience less Stress and Greater Peace of Mind

Feel Protected by Their Home

According to the knowledge of Vastu, Houses and Offices not built in accordance with its Natural Laws may create problems like:

Anxiety, Depression Illness, Chronic Disease

Make Better Decisions

Bad Luck, Financial Loss

Obstacles to Progress and Success

Disharmony in Relationships

Breakdown of Family Anti-social Behavior and even Criminal Tendency

The possible Negative Effects of Inauspiciously Built Houses May Include:

Accidents and Sudden Serious Health Loss including Fatality

Sudden Losses in the Family, Great Misfortunes Anxiety and Constant Fears

Calamities and Mental Affliction

Enmity and Quarrel, Criminal Tendencies

Frailty of women

Weakness, Ill health, Chronic Diseases

Lack of Creativity, Dullness, Constant Fatigue

Paucity of Money, Financial Losses

No Success despite best efforts are made

Mental Restlessness, No Peace of Mind