Machinery should be placed at the South-West corner of the main factory.

Main entrance should be from North-East, either North or East side.

The underground water body, if any, must be on North-East below the ground level.

Boiler, transformers, factory chimney should be at South-East corner.

The slope of factory roof should be toward East to North.

Main office place should be at Central North or Central-East side.

The godown or storeroom should be on South-Western part of the factory.

Vehicles and car parking should be in Northern North-West or Eastern South-East.

Security office should be towards North-East side.

Restrooms should be at South-East or North-West.

Factory premises should be square or rectangle (1:2) proportion is preferable the North-West and South-West corners should be at 90-degree angle.

The South and West compound wall of the premises should be made of stone and other heavy items, making South-West corner exactly to 90-degree angle. The East and North boundaries can be of barbed wire also. The idea is that it should be light in weight.

In the South-East corner, leaving 2 ft. to 3 ft. from the compound wall a transformer room can be placed. Helper, security guard’s room can be there without touching the walls.

Scrap and other heavy items can be dumped in the South-West corner.

Main office, Laboratory, Administrative office can be arranged in the West.

Helper’s quarters may be in the North-West corner.

The main plant should be in the South-West corner.

Water source should be in the North-East. The level of the plot should be low in the North-East.

Heavy Machinery should be in the South side and lighter machines can be installed in the North side.

Boiler, fire and electrical items should be in the South-East corner. Raw materials, storeroom, waste material etc. should be in the South-West corner.

Finished goods should be kept in the North-West corner. Delivery should be given from a door in the North side.