Never sleep with the head to the West and North.

Never sleep in the North-West sector of the home or North-West part of the room (if the child is a boy).

Never sleep in the South-East sector of the home or South-East sector of the room (if the child is a girl).

Avoid mirrors in the bedroom.

Avoid mirrors on the South and West walls in the study area.

Study facing East or North.

Keep the study table and area extremely clean without dumping books and papers around.

Have the study area in the North-East sector of the home or the North-East part of the room.

Have a fish aquarium,water fountain or half a dozen bamboo plants in the North-East area of the living room (where the family gets together) but never in the corner.

Make liberal use of green and yellow color (dark and light hues) in the bedroom and study areas. These colors can be used on bed linen, study’s tablecloth, indoor plants (herbal), floor mats, curtains, pillow covers, clothes, etc.

While dining, face East if the child is a girl and North if the child is a boy.

Occupy the same place and orient to the same direction each day to build up the child’s good aura in the area.

Never allow others to make use of the child’s study and bed area.

Never play loud music that can contribute to distraction and stress.

Have a soft lilting music at minimum volume in the bedroom during night.

Avoid sleeping or studying in a room that has the door at an angle to the attached walls.