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I’m Pooja Srivastav. I’ve equipped many of real estate agents, developers’ professionals and homeowners with my step-by-step method on how to use Energy Vastu to sell houses quickly.

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Sell Quick, Buy Smart, and Build Correctly is my motto!

Founded by Pooja Srivastav,

Space Lift (Energy Vastu)?



Energy Vastu has been referred to as “The Art of Placement.” Moving items, like furniture, is certainly part of this practice, but it is so very much more!

The Energy Vastu of an environment creates a feeling that can attract or repel both

people and energy. The energy of any space is felt. Have you ever walked into a place

and it just felt “off,” or worse, “bad”?  Our subconscious reacts to each environment we enter and when a home is for sale, it must be positive.  It must feel right!

​Energy Vastu is an environmental science that started over 4,000 years ago and continues to evolve to this day as technology changes.  Transforming an environment has great benefits for a homeowner. It can mean the difference between selling and not.

​Pooja Energy Vastu class, real estate training, or home staging certification course will help you make the needed difference for your answers for your next level in Real Estate.

​My classes in UAE, India, Germany and wherever clients need have been described as result-oriented, gripping and effective workshops so needed to equip the sales force in the real estate industry’.

I look forward to taking you through a journey of learning the best way to buy or sell property and you will never “see” a house the same way.

​If you are ever in the Dubai, GCC, Europe area, get in touch…and let’s talk “Space Lift (Energy Vastu) Body, Structure, and Geopathic!”

How Does it Work

SPACE LIFT (Energy Vastu)

Bespoke services under lifestyle management for inviting healthy energy to environment to Re-energize your brand, spaces, and interiors. Reveals stylish secrets to redecorate your spaces so that you can attract the right energy and get tuned to universal law of attraction

Space lift is best known as a way to rearrange your home or office to help you bring in fresh energy to… Space Lift is a system of controlling the energy of our environment by encouraging healthy energy and eliminating unhealthy energy from your surroundings

The Universal Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ In Space Lift you work with this law to create an environment that represents your goals and passions and Healthy Energy. By practicing space lift, you will soon see how your company growth is reflected in your spaces

Space Lift uses such methods as arranging furniture, placing objects with intention, adding colour and clearing unnecessary clutter. After a Space Lift consultation, you’ll start attaining your goals more effortlessly because you are moving with the current of life instead of struggling to swim upstream

Space Lift Program 

1) Space Programming – Energizing Object and space

2) Colour Therapy

3) Harmonizing space Intune with Go Green

4) Geopathic Stress

5) Interior Solutions on Request

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