Pooja Srivastav groomed by Dr. Geeta Mannem Murthy Phd in EMF Radiation and Research work (daughter of the renowned Indian scientist Dr. Mannem Murthy) takes individuals and audiences through a journey of awareness of Geopathic Stress.

Pooja Srivastav is a specialist in Geopathic and Electromagnetic Rectification and it is her privilege to talk to an audience of property owners – commercial or private on management of geopathic stress and the awareness of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), a step towards a great and healthy lifestyle Pooja Srivastav is the CEO of Shreem International Consultancy of which Property Consultancy is the key revenue. Pooja’s clientele includes individuals, government and commercial property owners in UAE, India, Germany and Singapore.

While clients consult on property, clients also have the privilege to learn the solutions involved in living in  an environment managed lifestyle to stay safe from Electromagnetic fields and its effect on health, the knowledge of geo stress and its many truths. Pooja Srivastav’s knowledge enhanced study of geo science is related to answers  related to radiation solutions for electromagnetic free homes, offices, factories and industries Pooja powers her consultancy at Shreem International with Radiation Consultancy and Rectifications for Real Estate, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Offices and Industries and is in line Vision 2021 of UAE surrounding sustainable environment and infrastructure. Pooja Srivastav’s talk events are in line with WHO’s concerns on sick building syndrome and geopathic stress and radiation control.