Level 1 : Course in Body Energy Corrections

In Depth Body Chakras and Koshas, Balancing Chakras, Dowsing, Yoga ,Mediations , Colour Therapies ,Nutrional Therapies ,Sound Therapy ,Corporates Level Trainer sessions

Sr.No Topic Description
1 Chakras Understand vedic and scientific connections of chakras
2 Koshas Understanding Koshas and personal level assessment and tools
3 Children (Physical & psychological effect ) Understanding child development stages in depth
4 Adults (Physical & psychological effect ) Understanding adults chakras with
5 Chakras & planets connections Understand Chakras & planets connections
6 Chakras and vasstu Relationship between body and Vaastu
7 Aroma therapy ,Crystals , Salts Understanding aroma therapy
8 Frequency healings Understanding Healings with Machine
9 Dowsing Using Dowser for Answers
10 Intuitive Astrology Using dowser for getting dates and astro purpose
11 Yoga, Meditation ,sound therapy Root Map – chart for clients
12 Corporate level  Trainer sessions

Level 2 : Structural Vaastu and Corrections

Traditional Vedic Vaastu, Modern Vaastu, Residential Vaastu, Commercial Vaastu, Vaastu and Body Co Relation, Vaastu & Planets Corrections, Pyramids

After the course you will be able to handle the following – Vaastu Expert
·         How to select/ buy a Vaastu perfect apartment to attract love, happiness, health and prosperity?
·         Discover which directions ensure money flow?
·         How to create new opportunities in career with Vaastu remedies like green plants in appropriate directions?
·         Learn how to overcome delay in promotion with appropriate colours on walls?
·         Vaastu remedies to fasten the payment recoveries?
·         How to select positive Paintings?
·         Where to place a safe to maximise savings?
·         How to manage delays in getting Loans?
·         How to manage entrance locations that create debts?
·         How to create family harmony?
·         Know in which direction bedroom cause unwanted heated arguments?
·         Discover what causes indifference/cold response from partner? How to add passion and warmth by using remedies?
·         Learn to create better health and strong immunity for whole family with just keeping Health Zone Clean.
·         Learn what causes regular health issues and why medicines do not work? Also, where to keep medicines, so that you need them minimum?
·         You can avoid accidents by simply changing colours in two directions.
·         Which objects placed in certain directions cause distraction of mind and poor concentration of children, creating poor grades in school?
·         How books placed in perfect direction helps children to absorb more and reproduce quickly thus causing best performance in their studies?
·         What is the right direction and facing of Study table to ensure excellent results in studies and clear competitive exams?
·         How to control aggressive behaviour of child with simple Vaastu remedies?
·         Learn how simple homemade Vaastu solutions overcome delay in marriage of your son or daughter?
·         Learn how to avoid delay in child birth with right location of bed?
·         How to ensure retention of servants and house hold staff by locating them in an appropriate direction?
·         Get Easy Vaastu Solutions to Buy your Own Property.
·         Vaastu Remedies to attract overall gains, happiness and prosperity in new house.

Level 3 : GEO Engineers Advance Energy Vaastu - UTS

 Scanner Machine Modern Energy Balancing Corrections with scanner Industrial Vaastu, Corporates Vaastu Aromatherapy ,Crystal Therapy, Gemstones, Frequencies Balancing Cosmic

After the course you will be able to handle the following
1.      Learn scientific & proven formulas to get instant results for your clients and for yourself.
2.      Learn Practical Techniques and effective Remedies with profound scientific logics.
3.      Learn the logics which will help you avoid demolitions and reconstruction in your or your client’s house or office.
4.      You will be able to do Vaastu for Flats, Apartments, Odd shaped Plots and Buildings of any design and shape.
5.      This course helps you bust prevalent Vaastu myths.
6.      Learn about Vaastu Remedies which have been specially designed to convey your wishes to the universe, which inturn fulfils your desire.
7.      you will start giving accurate reasons along with Remedies just by listening to the problems of others.
8.      After this Certified Course, you can start your own professional Vaastu Consultancy services. That’s why Interior Designers, Architects, Real Estate Developers, Businessmen, Vaastu Consultants, Astrologers, IT and Finance Professionals and Housewives come from across the globe to learn the secrets of successful Vaastu Practice in this Vaastu Course.
9.      After completing this you get full support to clear your doubts during your practical working, by Senior and will form a group to
Geopathic stress
Earth Energy
Telluric Vaastu
Cosmic Corrections
 AURA Science
Gem ology
Health Chakras
 Armoa therapy
 Alliance and aura compatibility and much more..

Level 4 : Business Numerology

An Overview of What You Will Learn
1.     How to select the most effective company or brand name or  logo per Numero for greater success in business ventures?
2.     How to make your name more powerful by adding letters to it?
3.     How to choose a gainful phone number?
4.     How Numero-Powered E-mail Ids, Passwords and Mobile Numbers create more powerful and effective communication which generates more business and sales?
5.     Win in Negotiations: Within 2 Minutes, work out the most effective time for result giving phone call.
6.     Working out the name of a lucky bank in order to save and attract more money in your account.
7.     How to select a lucky Number for your Car?
8.     How to use Astro-Numerology for powerful Signatures?
9.     How to select an effective Mantra numerological, in order to boost your Mental Powers?
10.         Decide on beneficial persons in your life by just analyzing their names neurologically.
11.         How to select the most powerful and beneficial numbers in order to select the most beneficial dates, and timings and everything that is related with numbers?
Learning how Numbers are related with colors and beneficial gemstones. How to select the same logically, with Astro-Numero Power
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