At Modista Exhibition

blog by Elizabeth Percy   Its great to meet with people and exchange knowledge on how energy matters and the solutions as well. Here is a glimpse of our presence at Modista Exhibition. Had a coach visiting  from Rajastan, who too was intrigued by Pooja’s world of energy and the many aspects which […]

More on the energy science behind Happiness Energy

blog by Elizabeth Percy Happiness is an Energy Science. To know more, let us connect with the featured image. The image signifies corpus coresulem in the brain. Interestingly corpus coresulum can read the seven colors of the rainbow – VIBGYOR ( Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red). What is the color […]

The Science of Energy is a great journey – Explore the journey with me, says Pooja Srivastav

blog by Elizabeth Percy   Energy is all around us but how do we realize its fullness. A beautiful conversation with Pooja Srivastav, CEO of Shreem International Consultancy got me into this realization. ‘Even as I love the energy world which I have discovered through reading and research and bountiful classes and trainings, […]

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