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‘The ambience and energy which interiors will exuberate is simply amazing when holistic interiors governs the approach’ – says Pooja Srivastav – Holistic Designer

  written by Elizabeth Percy ( in conversation with Holistic Designer Pooja Srivastav)   Isn’t it amazing? We love colors and we believe in the warmth of homes and structures giving a good feeling about the space we live in or choose to be – however there is a greater science and here we have […]

A closer look at Geopathic Stress and Electro Magnetic Radiation as well as Energy and Sustainable Health

Scientists have added value to quantum physics by throwing light on certain happenings  such as lighting happens in geopathic zone due to geopathic crossing or two geopathic lines crossings each other. Did you also know that underground water emit toxic radiations causing geopathic stress and Electro Magnetic Radiation ( EMR) is emitted by all electronic […]

Fasting to tune in for happiness

blog by Elizabeth Percy Even as we have come to the last few days of the month of Ramadan, for those who have been fasting, it is simply a great experience. Sitting in conversation with Ms. Pooja Srivastav, an excellent Energy Consultant revealed a few thoughts while in conversation. Says Pooja, ‘Fasting is the path […]