Pooja Srivastav

Ms. Pooja born in India has been , a dedicated and heart-based healer, who is totally committed to helping others understand their energies and make change in their lives for the better tomorrow.

She is an observer of human behavior and has invested wholeheartedly for over 12 yrs. in Servicing TOP Insurance and Investment companies 7 leading corporates in UAE and has benefited significantly from her endeavors as an Entrepreneur, World Traveler and Life Energy and Leadership Coach for top level Executives. She partners with her clients to help them to accelerate their progress, maximize their impact and design the life that they truly want. Ms. Pooja’s emphasizes on Energy Healing that encourages the body to draw upon its natural healing ability by opening up the flow of energy, clearing blockages and detoxifying itself. When faced with too many of these difficulties in our life, we can hold this unresolved energy in our bodies, instead of letting it go.

Ms. Pooja has developed results driven programs with a unique combination of Developing Business Management skills with Balancing Inner Energy to radiate out side.

Chief Energizing Officer –Sense Intensified *


Re-Energize your Inner Senses. Survive, Thrive & Grow Yourself, Your Team ,Your Organization


Bespoke services under lifestyle management for inviting healthy energy to environment to Re-energize your brand, spaces, and interiors.

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