A closer look at Geopathic Stress and Electro Magnetic Radiation as well as Energy and Sustainable Health

Scientists have added value to quantum physics by throwing light on certain happenings  such as lighting happens in geopathic zone due to geopathic crossing or two geopathic lines crossings each other. Did you also know that underground water emit toxic radiations causing geopathic stress and Electro Magnetic Radiation ( EMR) is emitted by all electronic equipment

We at Pooja Energy Vastu is also into Sustainable Environment, Energy and Sustainable Health

Considering the world of the next generation we do have an interesting program called I am a Rainbow where from a very young age through fun, play and laughter we allow children to explore their best through a unique learning of colors – The sessions where they play with colors and learn to ear right or eat those fruits or vegetables in the colors they crave does impact new beginnings of awareness in them.

We look forward to hearing from you – contact us for workshops and rectification and know what is special in special needs children

Also we help you understand the learnings and non-ionizing and its effects on the immune level to how to manage chronic levels, how to understand and manage autism and disability with more light on special needs

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